Sandro Haubenwallner





Name: Sandro Hauberwallner

Hometown: Breitenbrunn, Lake Neusiedl

First Ride: 2010

Age: 25 (02/06/1991)

Height: 1.73

Little stuff about you:

I live what i love and do it with passion

Kitesurf School Manager, Boardshredder

Why Kite?

Because kiteboarding gives me that feeling of freedom… A feeling that lets me forget everything and makes my mind totally free!

What motivates you in life?

Motivation is a fire from within and it gets in flames when i hear the sound of wind and water!

What drives your passion?

To do what i love and the people around me

Favorite trick?

Grabed NIS 5

Favorite location and why?

There are so many good locations all around the world but i would say home is where your heart is and this is Lake Neusiedl, Westcoast Kiters

Favorite rider and why?

My big idol is Brandon Scheid , he has tones of style and he goes the wake style the way i like it..


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