Ellie Samoladou


Ellie Samoladou

Name: Elli Samoladou

Hometown: Elassona

First Ride: 2012

Age: 28

Height: 1.67

Little stuff about you:

I’ve been addicted to sports for my whole life. I used to be an athlete in gymnastics, track and field, climbing, volleyball and many many more! Nowadays, I’m a professional seasonaire! During summer I find myself working as an Operations Manager at Surf Club Keros, while in the winter I’m visiting and working in kite spots at the south hemisphere as a kite instructor or working in ski resorts around Europe. Co-founder of www.girlsonboard.org

Why Kite?

Because it’s fun! It’s limitless while combing the two different elements that excite me the most; wind and water!   Life is simple, when the wind is calling, you must go!

What motivates you in life?

One day you will wake up and there won’t be any time left to do the things you‘ve always wanted. Mediocrity is not my style!

What drives your passion?

Adrenaline and action are the key factors that simulates my interests.

Favorite trick?

I’m not a pro rider! I try new things all the time and if I achieve a trick, I just try a new one! I love unhooked tricks because you need to be strong, fast and flexible which intrigues me a lot! Crashing is also a fun factor!

Favorite location and why?

Keros bay, Limnos Island. The spot that I learned how to kite and it’s like a second home for me! It’s an unspoiled island with many many secret spots! 😉

Favorite rider and why?

Gisela Pulido is one of my favorite ones, she has an aggressive way of riding but all of her tricks are looking so smooth! As an athlete, I think, she is helping the progression of women kiteboarding worldwide.


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